Poker Players Present Service to Thuy Doan by Skin Care Their Head


PokerRoad is a blog emphasizing news about poker. Whoever owns your site Thuy Doan is also a expert poker player and she announced to her site that she has cancer. 1 fresh entry for her site shows the undying support of her poker colleagues to her position by shaving their head bald.

Her family members came out of Vietnam where she has born. They evacuated from there once she turned into a young child shortly after the war had been completed. Thuy wanted to alter the life her household had when they’re at viet nam, so that she worked tirelessly in order for her in order to complete faculty. As she had been analyzing she had been likewise playing with poker professionally in the side line slot game malaysia.

She posted her state inside her site last 15th of September this year. A lot of her buddies were shock and saddened by the news. Following is an immediate quote from her entrance,”Yup, I am GonId Proceed Bald.”

“2009 has been once a calendar year for me personally to become a lot matters: faculty grad, full time poker player, California resident….Never did I hope to be cancer fighter.”

She also stated,”The biopsy results returned… I’ve an aggressive soft tissue sarcoma in my upper calf. The very next thing to do is always to receive a chest scan to see if the cancer has spread. Then is chemo to shrink the tumour, then surgery. If chemo will not get the job done afterward amputation is really a troubling chance. Since my medical insurance policy relies in Virginia, I’m going to soon be going back soon for therapy .”

Thuy Doan is quiet comprehended and loved within the poker community. This time the online poker group have been throwing their weight behind the other fantastic reason behind shaving their hair off. As a mark of aid and respect some of the online world’s main titles have taken the pliers into their heads and absent bald.

She is facing her condition . That is why a great deal of individuals are showing their own kind of service to get her. Here is an excerpt from her blog that shows the brave side with the youthful woman.

“This is a challenging spot but don’t feel bad because of me. My own life remains amazing. I have great folks in this, a profession which I’m passionate about, and also the capacity for an incredible foreseeable future. This is really a lifetime well worth fighting and also this cancer is simply a hurdle. I won’t let it ruin me. I will beat it. Just see.”

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